12. Why Kolmogorov complexity is useless

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Mathematical hobbyists tend to be fascinated with information theory, Kolmogorov complexity and Solomonoff induction.This sentiment is very understandable. When I first learned of them, these subjects felt like they touch upon some fundamental truth of life that you don’t normally hear about. But for all its being a fundamental property of life and understanding, mathematicians treat it as a cute mathematical curiosity at most. In this post I will explain some of the reasons why so few mathematicians and computer scientists have cared about it over the past 50 years.

The zero-th reason is that it depends on your choice of encoding. You cannot cover this up by saying that any Turing machine can simulate any other with constant overhead, because a 2000 bit difference is not something you can compensate for on data-constrained topics.

The first reason is obvious and dates back to ancient times. Kolmogorov complexity is not computable. Properties that we can literally never know are pretty useless in everyday life.

The second reason is related: we cannot compute Kolmogorov complexity in practice. Even time-constrained variants are hellishly expensive to compute for large data sets.

The third reason is more typical of modern thinking in computer science theory. Namely that any theory of information needs a theory of computation to be useful in practice. This is directly related to the difference between computational and statistical indistinguishability, as well as the myth that your computer’s entropy pool could run out. Cryptography is safe not because it is information-theoretically impossible to retrieve the plaintext but because it is computationally infeasible to retrieve the plaintext. The Kolmogorov complexity of a typical encrypted data stream is low but it would be mistake to think that anyone could compute a short description. Along another route, once I have told you an NP-complete problem (with a unique solution), it won’t add any new information if I told you the answer. But still you would learn new information by getting the answer from me, because you couldn’t compute it yourself even knowing all requisite information.

Kolmogorov complexity is useless based on classical CS theory, practice and modern CS theory. This is how you know that anyone who proposes that it is an integral part of rational thought is full of shit.

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