Lauren Southern can actually do basic science

Youtube’s recommendations are a mystery. I was watching my favourite “SJW” Youtube channels, and I got a suggestion for a contentless video titled “Transgender Professor INSULTS Jordan Peterson, Gets OWNED With Ease.” Never one to ignore the other tribe, I did watch half the video before giving up.

But now, YouTube thinks I am a conservative. When I get recommendations now, I don’t beforehand know the socio-political stance of the vloggers anymore. I got suggested Lauren Southern’s video below.

This video is really good. So I liked and subscribed as she told me to. Today, I took a look at her other videos. A quick review of some videos whose title suggested entry-level content.

The first video I watched is a speech at California Polytechnic State University titled Return of the Traditional Woman. It contained a nugget of information as to why they call it “cultural Marxism.”

What does feminism have to do with Marxism and what does Marxism have to do with traditionalism? The answer to that is everything! Feminism has been Marxism since the very beginning. [..] They’re all based on commenting class struggle: they’re based on the narrative of the oppresor and the oppressed.

I would never have guessed this, so I did learn something. Later on, Lauren talks about how Marx and Engels were supportive of women’s rights and that that is bad. All her critical science reading skills went out of the window for this video. 2/5 stars, not worth watching

It is easy to forget that the other tribe has internally consistent thought as much as your tribe. Watching some of their better Youtubers always reminds me of that fact. Here is the nicest one out of my sample, excluding the one up top.

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