Review: The Incredibles 2

Like everything, reviewing movies is probably a skill that you can practice. So that is what I do.

I went to The Incredibles 2 at the cinema. I have waited 15 years for this movie, and it was totally worth it. 10/10 will watch again.

The plot is based around Elastigirl (Helen Parr) getting a new job as a hero, while Mr Incredible (Bob Parr) has to stay home with the kids. Elastigirl’s plot has action scenes and a plot twist that kid-me would have enjoyed a lot. But to me, the real meat was in Bob’s part of the movie. Bob is not very good with his kids, and he is jealous that his wife gets to be a hero again. While that sounds like the most cliché sexist plot possible,  Brad Bird manages to make it work and make it good and make it not be sexist. Bob is a caring father with his own feelings and vulnerabilities. He is realistically capable but lacks practice in caring for his own kids, though he steadily improves over the course of the movie.

Together with the previous movie, the Incredibles has had 3 villains: Syndrome, the Underminer and the Screenslaver. All three are tech geniuses, and none are considered to have superpowers by any of the characters. I am not yet sure what kind of social commentary this is supposed to be.

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