Awkwardness doesn’t exist

Alex: Urinals are so awkward, I don’t get why they are a thing. Like, I’ve asked some men, and they all think it’s awkward. How did you feel about them back when you went to men’s restrooms?
Beth: I don’t know, I don’t get any of this.
Alex: What do you mean.
Beth: Awkwardness doesn’t exist. Something is only awkward if you make it awkward. It is up to you to not feel uncomfortable.
Alex: I don’t get it.
Beth: Let me think of something to illustrate my stance… Oh, I’ve got it!
“Don’t you think it’s super awkward if someone is wearing their socks inside out? Like, I feel like I should say something about it, but then again, I don’t want to seem like the sort of person that checks other people’s socks. Oh my god, it is just so awkward and people shou-”
Alex: I get it you can stop now.

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